Should You Take Drugs to Reduced Cholesterol?

2In the toolbox of drugs to lower cholesterol, none have actually shown reliable, safe, or preferred.However, they are still pushed by doctors that take no care to keep up with current medical science.

There is much speak about a ‘safe’ level, however, do we even understand exactly what that means? It’s like informing everybody there’s a safe level of air.

Normally, a cholesterol listed below 200 is recommended. This is an arbitrary number, not based on a whole lot. Initially, it was believed high cholesterol triggered cardiovascular disease, plaque accumulation, and heart attacks. We know this to be incorrect.

Even the breakdown between HDL and LDL is not viewed as relevant when designating medications. Figures like vLDL and inflammation markers aren’t even inspected routinely.

We discovered cholesterol changes in our bodies rapidly. So, it must be based upon something that comes and goes. That thing ended up being swelling. Cholesterol rebuilds broken tissues.

Physicians find in accident clients, that cholesterol can soar to well over 1,000. HDL remains low, extremely low. LDL is what goes up because LDL brings the cholesterol to the tissues requiring to be fixed.

Cholesterol repairs problems

Then, if your cholesterol is chronically high, should you get a drug to reduced cholesterol? Or need to you find out why it’s high.

Most doctors believe it’s too much trouble to discover why it’s high. It’s so much easier to simply take a pill. Checking includes more blood work, scans, and check outs. That uses up too much time, and medical professionals simply don’t want to spend that sort of time, whenever they get their compensation from drugs.

No, I don’t think it’s safe or best to take drugs to lower cholesterol when you can discover why your cholesterol is high in the very first location. It could be arthritis, bad food (the most typical cause), injury, health problem, cancer … the listing goes on. Figuring out the way your cholesterol is high is more important than getting the figures down.

2When you get rid of the reason for the inflammation, your cholesterol goes back to normal. That’s why the diet works so well. Frequently, it’s your food that harms your gut and causes it to be swollen.

So, high cholesterol is a sign of swelling. Figure out why you are swollen, eliminate the swelling. No more inflammation, no higher cholesterol, no have to drugs to lower cholesterol.

You save loan, stay healthier, and live longer.